About the Owner

This is me, Luzanne, owner and founder of L’s Boutique. Hailing from the big city lights and a corporate career, I now live in a small town in Limpopo, with my husband and our two adorably busy little people. The adage “home is where the heart is” rings true – “doing life” with my husband and kids in a small town is magnificent. That doesn’t mean I don’t miss the city and all the conveniences and luxury it has to offer. In 2017 an opportunity to bring some of that prettiness to our small farming community came my way, and so L’s Boutique was born. 

Since then L’s Boutique has expanded to become the home of more than 10 brands (and growing) – ranging from exclusive women’s wear to accessories, shoes and lifestyle products. L’s Boutique is more than just a store to me – it is an opportunity to show women that we are beautiful and glorious creations; that the blemishes we dislike about ourselves are tantamount to what makes us wonderfully and fearfully made. My passion is to help my clients look past their insecurities and help them see their true beauty. Shopping at L’s Boutique, whether in store or online, should be an uplifting and pleasurable experience.

“Life is too short to wait for everything to fall into place before doing what you love.”

– Luzanne Pöhl
   Owner & Founder